Animator, Musician,
Character Designer

Daniela is an upcoming Senior AET major, and is also the Co-President of the UT Animator's Club. She is an animator and classical pianist who loves fantasy novels and games. She strives to merge her interests in her music-themed fantastical short films, being inspired by the works and lives of classical composers. Her contributions to Gravitivity Studios are two fantasy short-film ideas based on pieces by Chopin and Beethoven with elements of weightlessness, flying, and gravity magic.



I'm a third year AET major, specializing in visualization. For the Gravitivity Studios, I collaborated on the Faux Fashion Magazine. I designed outfits following an ethereal/celestial theme with a blend of east and west fashion. I also created the front cover of the fashion magazine along with some ads to be featured in the pop culture magazine. Lastly, I assisted in designing the layout for the kids fashion spread.



Margaret is a traditional and digital artist who focuses on character design. The main focus of their work is women of color as they are under represented in fashion and media. These pieces are to show that women of color can be ethereal, pure, and beautiful. The zodiac pieces are based on the story of Gravitivity. The zodiac gods were fighting and sent an asteroid into the planet causing the gravity to be unbalanced and causing people and objects to float.


Digital Artist, Illustrator,
Beta Reader

Jasmine is a third year AET major specializing in Visualization. She has been creating characters and bringing them to life ever since she could hold a marker. Individually, Jasmine creates concept art of the 300+ characters in her head and writes down their stories. On a team, however, she's best at polishing up others' work and supplementing it when necessary, performing the final tweaks before things finally roll out.


Digital Artist, Proofreader,
Editor, Author

Roxanne Springman is a fourth year AET student, specializing in Visualization. She worked as co-manager and artist on the Anti-Gravity Cookbook and main author of the short story “Push and Pull”. Roxanne helped as a concept artist for branding and proofreader for the Backstory. Her solo projects included the Anti-Gravity Pixel GIFs and 3Hover Cars.

Soojin Park

Digital Artist, Illustrator,
UX Designer

Soojin Park is a senior in AET major, specializing in User Experience Design and visualization. As an inspiring UX Designer, Soojin has been exploring the world of art and involving herself with Cookbook, Faux Magazine, and Float Note App projects for Gravitivity Studios. Soojin collaborated with amazing artists to provide fun and new perspectives in the world of anti-gravity this semester.

Digital Artist, Animator

Alana is a third year AET major specializing in visualization. Alana storyboarded and colored the music video animatic "Starry Adventure" and also created cover visuals for the Lo-Fi audio tracks.



Megan is a third year AET major with a focus in digital visualization. Megan was one of the illustrators that collaborated on the NOGRAV faux fashion magazine.


Concept Artist, Illustrator, Creative Lead

A 2D digital Artist, Graduating from the University of Texas. I was the Creative Lead and a Concept artist for the Animal Evolutions project, and an Illustrator and Creative Lead for the Gravitivity Backstory.



Lexy Webb

Digital Artist,
Digital Painter, Animator

Lexy is a graduating AET senior who specializes in visual development. She was involved as an artist on projects such as the Anti-Gravity Cookbook, Animal Evolutions, and Dancing With No Body. Lexy feels weird talking about herself in third person.


Illustrator, Logo Designer,
Concept Artist

I’m a third year AET Major focusing on Visualization. I have been involved with the branding, graphical novel, and Dragon (Grounded) projects. This includes creating frames for an animatic, digitally illustrating a novel cover, and creating the Logo for Gravitivity Studios!


2D Digital Artist and Illustrator

Clinton Thai is a third year AET major, specializing in game development and digital visualization. During his time at the Gravitivity studio, he was a 2D illustrator who worked on the game art asset concept book and contributed to the cookbook project. He enjoys working with lines and colors and most of his work can be seen throughout those two projects.


Digital Artist, Writer

Bee Simpson worked on the Atlas drawing, the Atrophy story and the Pop Culture Magazine. The Atlas drawing was one of Bee Simpson's first ever digital drawings. Bee Simpson is a first year AET major. Through the Pop Culture Magazine, Bee worked with others to bring the whole studio into the Gravitivity world.


Digital Artist, Illustrator

Lizzy Gonzalez is a second year AET major. She has been involved with the project Planets and Their Ruling Elements, in which she and her group members drafted character concept art and created illustrations of said characters, which were all deities meant to represent personifications of the zodiac signs.


Web Designer, Animator, 

Brooke is a third year AET major, specializing in visualization. She has been involved in creating the website for Gravitivity Studios and collaborated with the branding team to help make design choices. Brooke also created the animated recreation of the Gravitivity studio logo this semester.

Paola Flores

Animator and Illustrator

For this Gravitivity course, I decided to create a series of looping animations using Blender. The three animations are all a combination of 2D and 3D animation techniques, and are a visual representation of every day objects in anti-gravity space. The goal is to be in theme with the new anti-gravity world that we created through the Gravitivity course. I wanted it emulate the futuristic, colorful and and innovative vision I had for this new world through animation. I also created the anti-gravity Cat illustrations for the pop culture magazine.

Jay Haynes

Illustrator and Writer

Greetings all, my name is Jay! My pronouns are he/they and I worked as a illustrator and writer within Gravitivity. I collaborated with two other groups to create the Zodiac series as well as write the backstory of Gravitivity! Along with my teammate, we created some accompanying tarot cards inspired by major scenes of the story. I also completed a solo project entitled: "Dancing with No Body" which were a series of illustrations inspired by dance and the seasons. This idea was later expanded upon by Lexy who added a rotoscoping piece to showcase the movement of body-less clothes!

Lili Gillmor

Digital Artist, Illustrator,
Writer, Editor

My name is Lili Gillmor and I have been working diligently to merge creative expression with technological innovation to excel in digital content creation, leading production teams and developing new technology applications. I have put these skills to use, deploying digital media, to develop and deliver creative content. I am passionate about creating new and intriguing art, in addition to using multimedia to convey information, ideas and stories. I worked on the Faux Fashion Magazine as well as the Graphic Novel. For the magazine I worked as a graphic designer, helping to arrange the anti-gravity models on spreads that would appeal to our futuristic audience. For the graphic novel, I functioned as the writer and wrote the script for chapter one along with visual queues to help give the story boarders a jumping off point. I hope you enjoy the work I have made for the Gravitivity Studio.

Alyssa Diaz

Game Designer/Graphic Designer

Alyssa is an about-to-be third year student in AET studying game design. Although she is working to become a game dev, she enjoys doing graphic design and tries to combine the two field together by using game assets in designs. Alyssa made a game called 22 Theft Ascension that features anti gravity moments, and has been as been a key collaborator for Xero Magazine.

Kristina Kafle

Kristina is a senior biochemistry major with a passion for illustration, concept art, and video games! She worked on the graphic novel project and pursued environmental concept art designs on how she interpreted the topic of gravitivity. Outside of the studio, she enjoys doing chemistry research and playing rugby.

Illustrator/Concept Artist


Animator, Writer, Illustrator

Madison Phelan is a graduating advertising major with a passion for storytelling. She has been involved in creating the Grounded animatic, the asteroid artifact book, working with the branding team, collaborating with the graphic novel team, and creating ads for the pop culture magazine. She is inspired by the whimsical storytelling from Studio Ghibli.

Avery Herring

Digital artist, Illustrator

Avery enjoys working with both traditional and digital media in the art world, focusing on combining unique textures and colors together in order to create a truly enigmatic piece. Avery wanted to explore this concept further throughout her time working in Gravitivity. She loves to experiment with different techniques, so when presented with the opportunity to do so on this project, she jumped at the chance to work with elements and their ruling planets. Avery was also very excited to create pieces showcasing strong female leads. In order to really emphasize their different but equally powerful strengths, Avery made sure to focus on placing them dynamically among the page.

Max King

Animator, editor, complier

I wanted the projects I worked on this semester to be emblematic of what I enjoy making as a creator, but I was entirely pleased to use Professor Neal as an inspiration, both directly and as a guide. With him as the centerpiece of the project I worked on the most this semester, I had to make it look as grand as the man himself, so I hope the amount of polish I put into that piece can be seen. But even without his direst placement into my work he still had a role in guiding and inspiring me throughout this course. After all, the idea for creating anti-gravity devices was his from the start, he only asked me if I could make them into an artistic representation. I worked on all of my projects on my own, and after having worked on them for so long and with so many hours of effort being put into them, I'm happy to say that I'm proud with what I've created. The animated version of the logo is the first real 3D animation that I've done before and I am extremely pleased with how much I've learned over the course of the semester.


Song Writer/Producer

My name is Davey Newton and I am a Senior about to be graduating in AET! I am a videographer, photographer, motion graphic artist and musician. Since my emphasis is in Digital Visualization, I have not taken many music classes in AET, so I wanted to make a Lo-fi EP for this class to switch up the rhythm of my college career. I made three songs that are distinct but has a theme that encompasses the audio of Gravitivity. I worked with Alana who made two animated gifs that go with the theme of the songs.


Illustrator, Concept Artist

Nat Hadaway is a senior AET student, specializing in illustration, character design, and concept art. They worked with both the graphic novel and animatic teams, working on coloring, line work, and concept design.

Austin Blankenship


I'm a 4th year AET major, specializing in music and sound. I worked on the music for the Starry Adventure music video.


Graphic Designer

Morgan is a third year student at UT, majoring in AET and minoring in business. She has been creating anti-gravity content and cohesive layouts for the pop-culture magazine as well as the product catalog. Some of the spreads Morgan specifically worked on were the chef interview, celebrity home, and sports.

Tyler Grendel



I'm a senior AET student specializing in Game Design as well as Digital Visualization ^_^ I was involved in the Pop Culture Magazine and acted as editor for articles as well as producing my own along with various advertisements. Please check out my interview with the great up and coming zero gravity rapper from the 2080s, Lil' Cheezy~

Magazine Editor , Ad Creator

Khel Bagdasaryants

Micah Chow

Graphic Designer,
Digital Artist, Writer

Micah worked with the Graphic Novel team as a digital artist doing panel layouts and lineart, and also with the Pop Culture Magazine team as a graphic designer and writer making advertisements and articles.